Move In/Out Cleaning

Are you moving in/out to a new apartment? Noah's cleaning service specializes in Cleaning your old apartment for the next tenants, as well as doing a complete cleaning of your new apartment, so that on moving day you just have to unpack the boxes.

You can even find a company to help you pack your things in your old place of residence and even help you unpack and neatly put everything away in your new place of residence. A team of trained cleaning professionals will clean your old apartment from top to bottom to prepare it for inspection, and / or clean and prepare your new place for you and your family.

Services before and after the move:

In the weeks leading up to the move, an effective provider can provide early help for the whole family. Working closely with adults, children and teens, they will help plan and prepare for the move, ensuring that no mess will follow you to your new place. they will carefully help you pack your most valuable items while sorting out unwanted items.

After the move, professionals are available to help you unpack, organize and even decorate the new space.

Moving cleaning services:

After all furniture and items have been moved, your cleaning company will prepare your apartment for inspection.
There are often two levels of cleaning for your needs:

The basic cleaning service which targets apartments which will be renovated in the future and which must be handed over to owners / managers in a correct cleaned condition.
This service includes dusting and washing all surfaces, wiping the exterior of appliances and kitchen units, cleaning bathrooms, and vacuuming and cleaning all floors.

The deep cleaning service targets apartments that new residents will move into without replacing appliances or doing major renovations.
This service includes cleaning the interior of kitchen furniture and appliances, deep cleaning of bathrooms and detailed cleaning of appliances, window sills, closets and floors.

Specific services:

Whole house or apartment:
Dust / wipe / vacuum doors, baseboards and moldings, ledges and window frames. Vacuum and wash floors.

Dust the shelves and put down the protections, clean the doors and floors.

Bathroom cleaning:
Including tiles, tubs, sinks, toilets, doors and shower areas, as well as the interiors of medicine cabinets, light fixtures and floors.

Clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of all appliances. Scrub and wash the cabinets. Wash and polish all surfaces and clean floors. Thoroughly clean all stainless steel, marble, tile, upholstery, wood and stone surfaces to specifications.