Carpet Cleaning

Properly cleaning a carpet can be complicated and tiring, especially if your carpet is littered with many stains. With all its experience, our team can come to your aid, stains, dust and other mites will disappear completely and your carpet will regain the superb and beauty of its original new form. A thorough cleaning of your carpet by our team ensures optimal disinfection and decontamination and the disappearance of the most encrusted stains.

Cleaning of all types of carpets

Our know-how concerns the cleaning of all carpets, whatever their main material of composition (cotton rugs, wool rugs , etc.). Our team will be able to pamper both silk and wool, but also oriental rugs or Shaggy long-pile rugs . 

Cleaning is an essential step in the maintenance of a carpet. Our professionals use many tips and techniques to remove dust and stains: first, your carpet is beaten, so as to remove as much dust and impurities as possible. A professional vacuum cleaner takes care, in a second step, of removing the dust trapped in the fibers or in the hairs of your carpet. Then, a solution adapted to the material of your carpet is applied, rubbed, sometimes dabbed and rinsed with water to thoroughly eradicate dirt and other stains. For example, in the case of a carpet made mainly of white cotton, we wash it in soapy water which is at the ideal temperature. Steam cleaning can also be applied. Finally, we rinse it with clean water and then we dry it in the drying room where a special fan is installed, to dry it naturally and without damaging it.


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