Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service is ideal if you are moving to a new location, getting ready to sell your home, or just need to get your home or apartment ready for guests, vacation, or a special event. We also recommend it before starting routine cleaning of your home.

What is a deep house cleaning ?
Usually a “one-time” service, deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your living space, paying special attention to areas that require deep cleaning, such as shower doors, light fixtures and fittings. interior of household appliances, and including tasks that are not included in the routine weekly cleaning actions.

What is the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning?
Compared to routine cleaning, professional deep cleaning is a “heavy” cleaning visit, where a team pays close attention to every corner of your home. they clean up the small details, paying special attention to areas prone to buildup. For example, shower doors, vacuuming in every corner, carpets and furniture, household appliances inside and out, and individual knick-knacks.

When is deep cleaning of your home the best choice?
After construction: to remove all traces of dust and debris
Moving-in cleaning: before moving into a new house or apartment
Residential cleaning before sale: before you put your home on the market


What services are included in a deep cleaning?

The kitchen: 
Clean and disinfect sinks
Clean the kitchen hood and the grease filter
Clean and shine devices
Clean the inside of the devices
Clean the microwave
Clean doors and frames, wipe down baseboards and windowsills.
Clean interior cabinets and drawers
Wash dishes if necessary
Disinfect garbage cans

Bathroom :
Special attention to cleaning the shower door
Grouting tiles
Clean doors and frames, wipe down baseboards and window sills.
Disinfect garbage cans
Clean the interior and exterior of vanities
Clean interior of medicine cabinets
Living room, living room and bedrooms:
Dust ceiling fans, clean shades and light fixtures
Wipe baseboards, ledges and window sills
Individually clean trinkets, dust off frames
Vacuum cracks in carpets and furniture
Clean glass tables
Clean and polish furniture

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