Pressure Washing​

Pressure washing is a great way to update the exterior of your home without any major construction. This service can make any home look brand new as we wash away dirt and grime and even prevent future issues such as mold or wood rot. Our outdoor cleaning services will give any of your guests a great first impression of your home as soon as they see it. To find out more about our residential cleaning services, contact Noah's Cleaning Service today.

Equipped with cold or hot pressure washing & cleaning equipment of industrial power, we are able to respond to all types of house cleaning at competitive prices. 

Specialized pressure washing
Our specialties include pressure washing of hard surfaces in buildings, as well as truck fleets and cleaning of agricultural machinery . We offer unbeatable solutions for concrete structures, brick, pavement, aggregate surfaces, asphalt, etc .

We wash houses in brick, aluminum, vinyl, concrete, aggregate as well as cleaning gutters and soffits . It is possible to make most materials look like new. The particularly powerful hot water high pressure cleaning easily restores the exterior of your home, including the walls, but also the balconies and the entrance. We clean floors in cement, stones or other. 

Pressure washing of industrial equipment and buildings. In the industrial sector, fixed assets represent great value and are also a symbol of the economic health and prestige that your company projects to your staff as well as to customers and business partners. The impact of high pressure cleaning on a large brick building is particularly striking. The before / after difference is always impressive. Whether it is to enhance the value of a building before the sale or to improve the image of your company, we are convinced that you will be satisfied with our service. For more information, call one of our experts. It will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions.

Pressure washing for hygiene
In an industrial environment, depending on your activity, your equipment may require regular pressure washing to fight bacteria. This is the case in food processing plants, waste treatment and also in livestock farming.

When cleaning underground garages, hangars and industrial facilities, it is sometimes necessary to fully pressure wash all surfaces from floor to ceiling. Obviously in such circumstances it is necessary to take precaution and ideally cut the current. In addition, it is important to do business with a company that will take care to properly protect the junction and switch boxes. We have methods that ensure 100% protection of your electrical installations

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